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Wire solutions. Barcelona

Exel Fil

Exel Fil manufactures the best product for every customer thanks to a process that is carefully controlled from beginning to end. An organisation dedicated to quality with a global strategy for the future and a commitment to effective service for our clients: that’s Exel Fil.

High-quality, high-productivity wire
The selection of raw materials, a transformation process adapted to the needs of every client and market, along with fast (just in time) delivery and a proactive sales team have allowed Exel Fil, S.A. to operate in the primary consumer wire markets in the world for nearly 20 years.

Flexibility for every application and sector
Our range of wire in different types of steel and in different sizes means we supply the perfect product for numerous applications. A type of wire for every sector: automobile subcontracting, appliances, household items, cable trays, supermarket trolleys, displays, sales equipment…always with the common denominator of quality and respect for the environment.

R & D

Innovation, development and research are essential tools at Exel Fil. Our own technologies allow us competitive advantages and form the basis of quality production.

Selection of raw materials

Only by choosing the best materials is it possible to achieve the best results. Exel Fil knows this, and that’s why our raw materials are meticulously analysed before being transformed into our products.

Transformation – quality control

There’s no such thing as correct transformation without advanced technology. Innovative, reliable machinery allows for high-level production without ever lowering the bar in terms of quality or environmental responsibility.


EXELFIL’s mission has always been to meet the needs of its customers, developing custom-made products and swiftly addressing the challenges posed by technological advances in the industry.

We supply our wires to the most demanding customers and sectors. So, The high quality of our products is our hallmark.

We are also ISO 9001 certified. In particular, we are able to adapt to the demands of the automotive industry and are geared towards ongoing improvement throughout the organisation.


For us, respect for the environment is a core value and we put our resources into constantly improving our energy efficiency as well as miimising our environmental impact.

R & D

We consider research and innovation to be fundamental to the progress of the company. Inorder to be competitive, it is essential to find new developments that provide new solutions to our customers.


Exel Fil is strongly committed to the strict adherence to agreed upon delivery periods. Our international experience translates into correct shipping for every country. Annealed, black annealed, stainless steel wire…packed in coils, shrink-wrapped, on pallets…flexible shipping to meet every need.

20´ container unloading

Palleted bright steel wire.

Lorry unloading

Black annealed wire – Rosette, upright.

Lorry unloading

Black annealed wire, horizontal.

Container unloading

Palleted black annealed wire. Combined rosettes and pick-up pallets.

Container unloading

Black annealed wire.